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Hikari Wheatgerm - floating food

Hikari Wheat-Germ Floating

Easily digested complete and balanced diet for feeding during the cooler months when the water temperature drops

  • High wheat-germ content, naturally high in Vitamin E & Linolenic Acid, offering improved digestion
  • Superior source of natural protein
  • Feed when the water temperature is 5 °C or above
  • Can be fed all year round
  • Sizes: Medium pellets
  • Pack sizes: 15kg (click here for stockists)

Ideal for:

Koi and larger goldfish when more rapid digestion is required.


The amount and frequency of feeding should be based on the temperature of the water, pond condition, the number and size of fish and their activity level. Avoid over-feeding and always remove any uneaten food after the feeding period.
For 18-30°C (64-86°F) - Feed 2 to 4 times per day the amount your fish will completely consume within 5 minutes.
For 5-18°C (41-64°F) - Feed no more than twice daily the amount your fish will completely consume within 5 minutes.
For best results aim to feed during the warmest part of the day.
Below 5°C (41°F) - Do not feed your fish.

User Reviews

Hikari Wheatgerm Pond Food

User Review

We changed to Hikari Wheatgerm last year and have found it to be an excellent choice. There is little waste, the whites are snowy, and the lustre and body shape of our Koi has improved noticeably.