History of the Kamihata Fish Industry Group

The Kamihata Fish Industries Group relocated headquarters to new building in 9 Shirogane-Machi, Himeji. The steel framed building over 6 floors has 270 m2 of floor space.

Kamihata opened Minami Kyusyu Breeding Centre in Kagoshima covering an area of 16,500 m2 to utilize warm natural sea water effectively.

Kamihata opened Ibusuki Breeding Centre with heat utilizing system in Ibusuki City, Kagoshima.

Kyorin Kansai Distribution Centre extended its facility with the latest automated and computer controlled systems to realize space saving and strict warehousing / shipping controls.

Kamihata succeeded in the world's first artificial breeding of an Ancient African fish "Polypterus bichir bichir" at Himeji Breeding Centrr, bringing in a new era in ornamental fish market.

Kamihata Tokyo Import Centre was completed in Chiba, with the latest facilities for stocking live fish. The Centre holds 3,000 tanks bring Kamihata's total number of tanks to 8,000.

The Fukusaki Factory of Kyorin Food Industries Ltd. was completed in Fukusaki, Hyogo.

Kyorin acquired Hikari Sales U.S.A., Inc. in United States (100% owned subsidiary) and obtained the sales rights of Hikari fish food across the US. Head office of Kyorin Group China completed in Guangzhou.

Kamihata Himeji Breeding Centre was completed, and started actively breeding Tropical and Marine fish.

Kyorin Group China completed the 3rd factory in Shenzhen and started producing ornamental dry fish food for the Chinese national market.

The Kanto Distribution Centre was completed with a full electric moving pallet rack system.

Hikari Aquatic Laboratory completed in Shiso City, Hyogo, to keep developing new products by the 3 companies of Kamihata Fish Industry Group working cooperatively.

Japan's first full-scale flake food production line was equipped in the Kyorin Food Kyusyu Factory.

A joint venture "Kamihata Fish Industries (China) Limited" was established in Shenzhen and Kamihata started exporting fish from China. Kyorin Group China's 2nd factory completed in Tenjin, China to increase production volume and also for the supply of frozen and freeze dried food.

Kyorin Kansai Distribution Center was completed in Kasai City, Hyogo with the electric moving pallet rack system. The total property area is about 10,000 m2 and warehouse area of 3,300 m2.

Hikari was honored to be called upon by NASA to produce a special diet for Space Shuttle experiments using killifish. Hikari played a part in the first birth of a new life in space.

The new Kyorin Tokyo Office and the employee dormitory were completed in Chiba.

Kamihata Himeji Import Centre expanded its fish keeping capabilities. The total number of tanks for fish stock was approx. 1,000.

"Kyorin Feed Hong Kong" established in Hong Kong (the name was changed to "Kyorin Group (China) Limited" later on), developed the world's first highly purified frozen food for aquatic pets and introduced them to the global market.

Kyushu Factory, the 3rd factory of Kyorin Food Industries Ltd. was completed in Chikugo City, Fukuoka.

Kamihata Tokyo Import Centre was completed.

Kamihata Nishikigoi Greenhouses were completed at Yamasaki Koi Farm.

Kamihata Himeji Import Centre is established in Himeji. Kamihata shifted its main business from breeding Nishikigoi to the import and wholesale of tropical fish.

The Kanto factory, the 2nd factory of Kyorin Food Industries Ltd. was completed in Kujukuri, Chiba.

Kyorin Food Industries Ltd. was established as the production division for dried fish foods. The Kansai factory was completed in Kasai City, Hyogo and started producing floating dry food using an extruder.

Yamasaki Koi Farm was completed in Yamasaki Cho, Shiso City Hyogo, covering almost 8 acres and consisting of 50 breeding ponds. Kamihata because more focused on breeding Nishikigoi and started exporting Nishikigoi into overseas markets.

Kyorin Co., Ltd. was established as the wholesale division for Hikari branded foods.

"Kamihata Sanke", a bred variety of Nishikigoi, was awarded the championship prize at the All Japan Nishikigoi Contest, ushering in a new era in Nishikigoi culture.

Shigezo Kamihata established Kamihata Fish Industries Ltd. and started breeding Nishikigoi.

Tokichi Kamihata opened a Koi carp store in Himeji, Hyogo.

Tozaemon Kamihata started breeding Koi carp.