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No Mixing Required Just squeeze out the soft, chewy, flavour-filled formulation from the spout and feed!

  • Delightful Taste DragonGel™ has been shown to attract most omnivorous lizards on the first try with little coaxing.
  • Lab-Verified Nutrient Mix Rich in mealworm meal, silkworm meal and vegetable ingredients, like Japanese mustard spinach. Contains all the necessary nutrients younger vegetable & insect-eating reptiles need to live a long and health-filled life while eliminating the need for calcium or other mineral supplements. Everything needed is already mixed in.
  • A Multi-Use Diet Excellent for younger (from baby to sub-adult) omnivorous lizards like the Bearded Dragon. Can also be used as a supplemental diet for vegetable-eating adults.
  • Significantly Reduces Maintenance & Odour Continued, exclusive use helps reduce odour, especially when compared to live food feeding. Additionally, reptile waste does not easily stick to enclosure.
  • Pack Size: 60g

Ideal for:
Central Cearded Dragon (juvenile), Green Iguana (juvenile), Lawsons Bearded Dragon, Sudan plated lizard

Infant: 1-3 daily

Adult: 1-3g daily supplemented with Dragon Delite