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Dragon Delight™

The "Hikari-GermTM" Benefit This probiotic enhanced formula supports immune and digestive system health while helping reduce reptile waste odour.

  • Scientifically Formulated for Success A uniquely balanced formulation of insect & plant ingredients with precise levels of vitamins and minerals, especially calcium.
  • Irresistible Taste Loaded with insect ingredients like mealworm and silkworm meal with Japanese mustard spinach and apple meal vegetable additions offer something any sub-adult to adult herbivorous or omnivorous lizard, like bearded dragons, will eagerly accept.
  • Developed to Help You Too! The pellet is developed to soften when soaked in water and mimic the texture of live food. It does not easily stick to the feet of your lizard or internal surfaces of their environment, making cage clean-up and maintenance a snap.
  • A Pellet Shape with A Purpose This nugget shaped food allows easy feeding via feeding tongs or finger. The texture allows it to easily stick to the tongue of your bearded dragon, making bowl feeding also possible once they are trained.
  • Pack Size: 200g

Ideal for:
Central Bearded Dragon, Green Iguana (juvenile)

Infant: As much as reptile will eat every 2-3days, supplemented with Dragon Gel

Adult: As much as reptile will eat every 2-3days