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No Mixing Required Just squeeze out the soft, flavour‐filled formulation from the spout and feed!

  • A Ready‐To‐Use Paste‐Type Food
    This highly flavorful nutrient mix is ideally suited for geckos that use their tongues to sense or partake of the food and are partial to fruit flavors.
  • Delightful Taste Even when switching from other foods, your reptiles will quickly accept CrestGel™ due to the texture and taste.
  • LabVerified Nutrient Mix Rich in mealworm meal and carefully selected fruit ingredients, like mango. Contains all the necessary nutrients fruit and insect‐eating geckos need to live a long and health‐filled life while eliminating the need for added calcium or other mineral supplements. Formulated following extensive feeding trials at the Hikari® Aquatic Lab and the successful breeding of Crested Geckos using CrestGelTM exclusively.
  • A Specially Designed Pouch Maintains Quality
    The proprietary CrestGel™ production process eliminates parasite and bacterial concerns while the lack of preservatives reduces the chance of longer-term health issues.
  • Pack Size: 50g

Ideal for:
Crested gecko, gargoyle gecko, giant gecko and etc

Infant: 1g every 2-3 days

Adult: 1-3g every 2-3 days