Research & Development...

Hikari fish foods are developed with the health and longevity of fish first and foremost.

The Hikari team firmly believe that the very start of the development process for any new diet is the requirement to investigate and obtain a thorough understanding of the fishes natural habitat.

Studying the fishes ecology first hand gives a unique insight into their eating habits and dietary requirements and is essential to help provide a scientific base on which all Hikari aquatic diets are developed. 

The Hikari field research team, designated the “Kamihata Expedition Team” is headed by the company’s chairman Mr Shigezo Kamihata.  Explorations take place as far afield as Irian Jaya, Lake Malawi, Guiana Highland, Indian Ocean, the jungle of Southeast Asia and the Holy River Ayeyawady, all of which offer many secrets to fish health, colouration and long life.