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Saki-Hikari Pure White

Unique diet to help develop and maintain a deep translucent white (Shiroji)

  • Includes extract of 'pickled Japanese apricot' (traditional Japanese health food) which naturally contains Apricot-Polyphenol and higher levels of Citric Acid which help maintain efficient metabolism in Nishikigoi, an important step in developing desirable Shiroji
  • Milled sesame seed contains desirable antioxidants help develop improved growth and lustre
  • Highly digestible formula allows feeding at lower water temperatures making it ideal for use during the winter months
  • Feed when the water temperature is 12°C or above
  • Size: Medium
  • Pack size: 5kg

Ideal for:

All Koi with championship potential kept in cooler climates or during periods when the water temperature is not stable.


Feed the amount your fish will consume within a few minutes, based on your water temperature, pond condition and the activity level of your fish. Care should be taken to avoid over-feeding and always remove any uneaten food after the feeding period.

User Reviews

Saki-Hikari Multi-Season

User Review

Having asked a number of customers to test Saki-Hikari Pure White during 2014 at varying feed ratios, all have been extremely pleased with the results.

We have found that for long term use it is best to mix 25 – 30% with normal feeds, which maintains the white skin even with growth feeding. For show preparation between 50 –100% (depending on how long before the show it is introduced into the diet), really improves the white skin and gives it a noticeable sheen.

Definitely a great choice of food if you want to get the very best out of your koi’s potential.

Steve Gibbins, Shop4Koi

I have used Pure White throughout the summer to try and improve the white skin of my koi. On advice from my dealer I fed 25% and 75% of my usual food and the results were obvious. The great thing about mixing at this level was that it kept the white skin but did not seem to have any adverse effect on the other colours.

LG, Yorkshire