Digestive Cycle of Saki Hikari

The Difference Is Clear

With the amount of research and development and a heritage based in science and rigorous testing, we hope you will agree that with Saki-Hikari, the Difference is Clear.

Exclusively available from Pedigree Wholesale, as an Authorised Saki-Hikari dealer we recognise your passion and technical knowledge and welcome you into this very exclusive club. We will work closely with you to give you the very best supply and the freshest stock available, sourced directly from Japan. We are also available to assist you with point of sale and merchandise to bring theatre and impact to the brand at your premises.

We recognise that Saki-Hikari is the pinnacle of probiotic Koi food and are happy to join you on this journey to serve your customers and help them develop healthy and spectacular Koi for personal enjoyment or for Championship entries. If we can be of any help, drop us a line at aquatics@petproducts.co.uk and we will be only too happy to support you further.

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