NEW Saki-Hikari Turtle Sticks

1 Jul

Hikari have launched a probiotic enhanced nutrient mix for Turtles under their Saki-Hikari brand. Saki-Hikari Turtle Sticks contain Hikari-Germ™, a strain of Bacillus bacteria which aids digestion, helps optimise nutrient utilisation resulting, in less waste and excellent water quality, as well as supporting the Turtles intestinal flora. Made from the finest quality ingredients Saki-Hikari Turtle Sticks include a unique blend of Odor-Stop™ ingredients and herbs which help reduce odours and increase feeding efficiency, resulting in less waste.

Saki-Hikari Turtle Sticks provide complete and balanced nutrition, and with added calcium supports the development of the outer shell while vitamin D3 improves calcium absorption. Furthermore the hard pellets help avoid the mess Turtles create when they eat.